Collected here are the storyboards for Maggie's forthcoming graphic novel, Chrysanthemum Under the Waves. They were made from 2016-2021. All were drawn with marker, brush pen, fountain pen, and or ink on rough watercolor paper. The letters were hand printed on paper made by Dave Dugan.



Maggie’s compositions, drawings, and use of black and white are exceptional. Viewing this body of work inspires me to do better as an artist overall, and in the composing stages of laying out a book. I cannot wait to read the finished book!
— Ash H.G., cartoonist behind The Golden Thread Zine & forthcoming graphic novel East District


These storyboards are full of brilliant sequences in which the handling of the physical medium is integral to the transformation of characters and events. I especially love the line drawings of the couple in "Intoxicated."
— Sibil Bink, cartoonist and gardener

Maggie Umber is one of my favorite artists. I’ve been a huge fan since taking in her groundbreaking graphic novel The Sound of Snow Falling — a magical capture of quiet, nocturnalness, and the wonder of nature. Maggie has been working on a forthcoming graphic novel — Chrysanthemum Under the Waves — for a good number of years, and I have been anxiously awaiting it. I was thrilled to get sneak peek through a zine she recently published: Chrysanthemum: The Storyboards. It’s a wonderful rough cut presentation of a work-in-progress. I get increasingly intrigued every time I learn more about the project.
— Jeffrey Yamaguchi, Book Publishing Brick by Brick


✍ 6/14-7/3/2024 Drawing Worlds: The Art of Comics and Beyond, A2AC Gallery, Ann Arbor, MI

✍ Advanced copies at Zinecinnati and MILK (Milwaukee Indie Local Comics Fest), 2023

✍ Debuted at CABF (Cincinnati Art Book Fair), 2023


Credits: video and Chrysanthemum: the Storyboards art by Maggie Umber.


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