book cover with a woman in profile with long hair floating up, text reads: Chrysanthemum Under the Waves

Chrysanthemum Under the Waves

A Graphic Novel

Structured as a series of blown-out, black and white silent films from the 1940s; intimate, haunting and experimental. A hypnagogic and visionary work, with its dark layered musical stylings. Maggie Umber pulls you in and holds you under.


book with a northern saw-whet owl in a pine tree on the cover, with text that reads:
              maggie umber 270°


A Graphic Novel

An artist's field guide on owls and owl behavior. Maggie Umber once again takes readers into nature, showing the beauty and sophistication of animals in their natural habitats. 270º is an educational glimpse of owls found in North America and beyond.


book with a great horned owl in a tree hooting on the cover, text reads: Maggie Umber Sound of Snow Falling

Sound of Snow Falling

BEST AMERICAN COMICS 2018 Notable title

In this unique work, the reader becomes a voyeur of the natural world, following a great horned owl family through the dead of winter. Extensively researched and expressively painted, Sound of Snow Falling is a triumph of the comics form.


a book with a tortoise in a display case on the cover, text reads: Time Capsule Maggie Umber

Time Capsule

A Graphic Novel

A cache of sketchbook drawings, animals, and insects. Letterforms are treated with a casual randomness, punctuating a non-linear narrative. This is a book of beautiful, ambiguous visual poetry and questions.


book cover with mom, dad, baby, text reads: Startled Maggie issue one by meghan hogan

Startled Maggie

A Mini Comic

An auto-bio serial focusing on a mischievous little spit-fire. Drawn in light pencil, this new series is pointed at the ephemeral qualities of memory and what makes early life such a funny and charming place.


book cover with 2 people riding a giant tree frog, text reads: NOW 8

NOW #8: The New Comics Anthology

2018 Eisner Award-nominated series

Cover by Al Columbia. Stories by Theo Ellsworth, Sami Alwani, E.S. Glenn, Veronika Muchitsch, Henry McCausland, Zuzu, Noah Van Sciver, Walt Holcombe, Maggie Umber, Tara Booth, and Nick Thorburn!


magazine with an anatomical face on its cover, text reads: NOW 5

NOW #5: The New Comics Anthology

2018 Eisner Award-nominated series

by Stéphane Blanquet, Theo Ellsworth, DRT, DW, Ana Galvañ, Maggie Umber, Eroyn Franklin. Roman Muradov, Jose Quintanar, Walt Holcombe, Walker Tate, Keren Katz, Darin Shuler, Jesse Reklaw, and Nick Thorburn!


magazine cover with a black cover and a circle inside which is a body of water, text reads: Conversations between Artists, Writers, Musicians, Performers, Directors -- since 1981, BOMB Magazine

BOMB 146

Winter 2019

The winter issue is dedicated to this planet’s greatest resource: water. [A]n array of voices are brought together here—artists and writers investigating water as site, sustenance, and symbol, along with those expressing alarm and calling for intervention.


Book cover with Shirley Jackson's face, text reads: The Shirley Jackson Project

The Shirley Jackson Project

Edited by Rob Kirby

Seventeen acclaimed alternative cartoonists explore and celebrate the work of the legendary mid-20th century author Shirley Jackson, including Colleen Frakes, Katie Fricas, Annie Murphy, Josh Simmons, and Maggie Umber.