A Mother's love for her babies transforms them into hunters. Printed with hand-carved linocut stamps. This zine stars an Amaurobius ferox mother (aka black lace-weaver spider), her babies and trophic eggs.



love love love
— dakota knicks


baby spiders like tiny stars
— Anthony Tadlock

ghost prints
— ShayLee Bissell


✍ Advanced copies at Zine Pavilion, ALA (American Library Association), 2023

✍ Debuted at ZINEmercado, 2023

✍ 5/25-6/10/18 Plants & Animals, The Learning Machine, Chicago, IL. Curated by Rebecca LADIDA

✍ 7/7/18 ZINE NOT DEAD VIIII, Vam Studio Co., Chicago, IL. Presented by Perfectly Acceptable & Bred Press


Credits: WE ARE HUNGRY was performed for ZINE NOT DEAD VIIII.
Programmed in p5.js by Maggie Umber.
Music: Ossuary 6 - Air Kevin MacLeod (
Digital Font in Video credits: Chunk by Meredith Mandel.


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