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The Schizophrenic Dialogues is a collection of memoirs on the first-hand experience of schizophrenia told through the lens of the actual dialogue between a person with schizophrenia and her auditory, visual, and tactile hallucinations. These accounts and their accompanying commentary represent the reality of people with schizophrenia in society and within themselves. The Dialogues shed light on the lives built to harness a stigmatized condition as a positive, and live in defiance of a "grave" prognosis.

Vita Rhie Quintanilla is the author of The Schizophrenic Dialogues, Writer and Frontwoman of Salvation Day and cofounder of Sacred Art Productions.


The Schizophrenic Dialogues Short Film was printed and painted by Maggie Umber. Anthony Tadlock, executive producer. Words from The Schizophrenic Dialogues by Vita Rhie Quintanilla. The song was Sacred Art (Hidden Track) from the album Path of Sacred Art by Salvation Day. Listen to Salvation Day on Spotify and iTunes.

🖤 Maggie

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