2023: My Mostly Midwest Zine Tour

  1. ✍ 4/8 ICE CREAM (Iowa City Expo for Comics and Real Eclectic Alternative Media), Iowa City, IA
  2. ✍ 4/22 Print & Resist Zine Fest, Madison, WI
  3. ✍ 5/20 CZF (Chicago Zine Fest), Chicago, IL
  4. ✍ 6/3-6/4 CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo), Chicago, IL
  5. ✍ 6/23-6/26 The Zine Pavilion at ALA (American Library Association), Chicago, IL
  6. ✍ 8/12 INZF (Insert Name Zine Fest), Minneapolis, MN
  7. ✍ 8/27 ZINEmercado, Chicago, IL
  8. ✍ 9/9 Zinecinnati, Cincinnati, OH
  9. ✍ 9/10 MILK Comic Fest (Milwaukee Indie Local Comic Fest), Milwaukee, WI
  10. ✍ 9/16-9/17 CABF (Cincinnati Art Book Fair), Covington, KY
  11. ✍ 10/6 ZINE NOT DEAD #21, hosted by Chicago Printers Guild, Co-prosperity, Chicago, IL
  12. ✍ 10/7 Chicago Printer Guild PAPER JAM Co-prosperity, Chicago, IL (screening The Schizophrenic Dialogues Short Film with Corrupted Frames: A Digital Gallery)
  13. ✍ 10/7 Lafayette Comic-Con, Lafayette, IN
  14. ✍ 10/14 Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Festival, St. Paul, MN
  15. ✍ 10/21 Chicago Printer Guilds PAPER JAM Publishers Fair, Co-prosperity, Chicago, IL
  16. πŸ–€

Chrysanthemum: the Storyboards Shop Debut

Chrysanthemum: the Storyboards by Maggie Umber - 6 years of storyboards collected in 80 pages - is now available on maggieumber.com.

Maggie’s compositions, drawings, and use of black and white are exceptional. Viewing this body of work inspires me to do better as an artist overall, and in the composing stages of laying out a book. I cannot wait to read the finished book! β€” Ash H.G., cartoonist behind The Golden Thread Zine & forthcoming graphic novel East District

πŸ–€ Maggie

SOSF & TC Prints Debut: CPG Publishers Fair

I have 5 new prints from my graphic novels Sound of Snow Falling and Time Capsule! Pick up yours at Chicago Printers Guild Publishers Fair tmrw. Find me among 30 awesome publishers Co-Prosperity from 12pm-6pm. Yayyyyyy! It will be a great show - check out their feed - see you there :D

πŸ–€ Maggie

CPG Publishers Fair 10/21

After a three-year hiatus, the Chicago Printers Guild Publishers Fair is making its glorious return at the first-ever PAPER JAM! ALL are welcome to join us at Co-Prosperity (3219 S. Morgan) from noon ’til 6pm on Saturday, October 21 to meet more than 30 printmakers from across Chicago and take home some amazing artwork.

I'll be tabling! Come on by & buy some glorious prints.

πŸ–€ Maggie

Tour Stop 13: Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Festival

Sat 10am-5pm, I'll be tabling Rain Taxi's Twin Cities Book Festival at the State Fair Grounds in St. Paul, MN. The 2023 debut books from my Mostly Midwest Tour will be there, alongside my back catalogue, prints, cards & toys. This is my lucky 13th show stop! See you there my friends :D

πŸ–€ Maggie

PAPER JAM / ZINE NOT DEAD Performance, Lafayette Comic-Con

Tonight in the Co-Prosperity gallery, I'll be performing at ZINE NOT DEAD #21. This event is a part of PAPER JAM and hosted by Chicago Printers Guild. The Schizophrenic Dialogues Short Film (my collaboration with Vita Rhie Quintanilla and Anthony Tadlock) will also be showing with Corrupted Frames in the gallery.

Tomorrow, 10/7 I'll be tabling at Lafayette Comic-Con. At both events I'll have copies of my newest 80 page zine Chrysanthemum: the Storyboards and other such goodies!

πŸ–€ Maggie


I'm reading at ZINE NOT DEAD #21 :D! SOOOOO excited, of course my performance will be very weird. SEE YA THERE!!!!!!

Chicago Printers Guild is hosting ZINE NOT DEAD // ZINE NOT DEAD 21 πŸπŸ™πŸβœ¨οΈ reading on Friday, Oct 6 Part of CPG's PAPER JAM 2023 at Co-Prosperity. Readings & performance by: Anya Davidson - Maggie Umber - Will Laren - Glamhag ft Nunn - Max Huffman - Gabe McGee. FREE with a $10 SUGGESTED DONATION. Please RSVP with CPG/Paper Jam to lock in a spot. Poster design: Matt Davis, Perfectly Acceptable.

πŸ–€ Maggie

Chrysanthemum: the Storyboards Debuts at CABF This Weekend

Chrysanthemum: the Storyboards debuts this weekend Cincinnati Art Book Fair! I'll have a special in-person, show deal... Buy the zine & get a free print from the forthcoming graphic novel. I'm so excited to see you all!

πŸ–€ Maggie

Chrysanthemum: the Storyboards Advanced Copies at Zinecinnati & MILK

80 pages! 6 years in the making! Printed by me! Chrysanthemum: the Storyboards is a collection of the storyboards for my forthcoming graphic novel, Chrysanthemum Under the Waves. I'll have a few advanced copies Zinecinnati & MILK Comic Fest this weekend...the official debut is Cincinnati Art Book Fair the week after!

Storyboarding & thumbnailing are just as important as the finished comic pages. The rawness in the drawing quality is maybe not something I'm known for, but definitely a part of who I am. I have a very full calendar of comic, zine & print shows coming up (plus one performance) & I'm so looking forward to hearing what you all think of this new work!

πŸ–€ Maggie

Tour Stop 7: ZINEmercado

ZINEmercado is this Sunday 8/27 in Chicago! I'll have my newest zine WE ARE HUNGRY. WE ARE HUNGRY started as a reading at ZINE NOT DEAD VIIII in 2018 and has finally found its way in to zine form in 2023. Stop by, say hi & pick up a copy if you're in Logan Square!

πŸ–€ Maggie

Tour Stop 6: Insert Name Zine Fest

See you this weekend Minneapolis! Check out Insert Name Zine Fest this Saturday 8/12 from 12-5pm at Squirrel Haus Arts!! This is the 5th annual Insert Name Zine Fest, but my very first :D There will be a Queer Fashion Show organized by @addjovoco , a zine on ASL for zinesters from Adrean Clark and more! Poster by Pete Faecke. Thank you E. Joy Mehr for organizing this event! PS In addition to my usual zines, toys & prints, I'll be debuting greeting cards. I'm very excited!

πŸ–€ Maggie

WE ARE HUNGRY Advanced Copies at The Zine Pavilion at ALA

Preorder on maggieumber.com! A Mother's love for her babies transforms them into hunters. Printed with hand-carved linocut stamps. WE ARE HUNGRY was performed for ZINE NOT DEAD VIIII. Preorders ship on or after 6/27. Advanced copies at The Zine Pavilion at ALA tonight - Monday. The Zine Pavilion will be at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago June 23-26, 2023! Thank you all πŸ•ΈοΈπŸ•·οΈ.

πŸ–€ Maggie

Thank you CAKE & Zine Community!

Original photo of CAKE Chicago by Junk Drawer edited and doodled by Maggie.

Thank you to everyone who has made my ongoing Mostly Midwest Zine Tour a success! To everyone who has said hi, bought a book or a Bun, commissioned me, supported my Patreon, invited me to table at their show, or promoted my art... THANK YOU.

I love being back in the comics & zine community. It means everything to be able to represent myself as an independent creator. ❀️ Thank you my midwest friends!!!! I'm so grateful to be able to make my weirdo art for you all.

NEXT UP 6/23-6/26 The Zine Pavilion at ALA ! See you there!!!!

πŸ–€ Maggie

Tour Stop 4: CAKE Chicago

OMGGGG! I got into CAKE Chicago!!! I can't even begin to say how excited I am that my Mostly Midwest Zine Tour stop #4 is CAKE. I'll have limited copies of everything so stop by my table ASAP or put an order in online... Thank you thank you thank you to the CAKE organizers and volunteers who make this show possible. See you this weekend!!!!!

πŸ–€ Maggie

Bunworld 1 Debut: Chicago Zine Fest

I'm tabling Chicago Zine Fest 11-6 today as a part of my Mostly Midwest Zine Tour. Bunworld 1 debuts!!! Thank you to Alex Nall and all of the organizers & volunteers who made this show happen!!!! I look forward to seeing everyone :D Stop by and say hi & wish a happy bday to Bun πŸ°πŸ§πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸŽ‚πŸ°β€οΈβ£οΈ

πŸ–€ Maggie

Tour Stop 2: Madison Print & Resist Zine Fest

@brujaonpizza (Jenine) and me tabling at Print and Resist yesterday! To everyone who came by our table, to all of the organizers, volunteers & to Madison Public Library for hosting us THANK YOU❣️ It was a great show!!!!!

πŸ–€ Maggie

PRETZEL Debut: Madison Print & Resist

Tomorrow, Sat April 22nd from 11am-4pm, I'll be tabling at Print and Resist in the Madison Public Library. PRETZEL debuts! πŸ₯¨πŸ•·οΈ I can't wait to see you there :D

πŸ–€ Maggie

Jonesy Debut: ICE CREAM

Jonesy (24 pgs, full color) will debut Sat April 8th at ICE CREAM: the Iowa City Expo for Comics and Alternative Media. This is the first stop on my Mostly Midwest Zine Tour!! Thanks to Dave Dugan for all your hard work as an organizer!!!!

πŸ–€ Maggie