4 frends! lil Baker (a tiny baker), Piper (a pipe smoking snake), a hungry Bun, a snug Dog! Together with their bad frends, they inhabit a comic world where they bake weird humor, speak bad spelling and dream yum treats.

In issue 1 of this series, lil Baker and Piper wonder what a cake is while trying and failing to bake several. They also forget Bun's birthday and who he is. Bun runs away to sleep land where he meets his new best friend, Dog.



i loved this, best trip I've taken 🐰🍰 thank you so much
— Hannah Larson Nall

Bunnworld is Fun World 🐰 🎂
— Alex Nall


BUN IS BUN! Happy bday Bun!
— MJ Durand

yay for bunworld — reversal or vice versa — maybe it is a rehearsal — this life thing — a gigantic desk or a tiny maggie — a matter of perspective
— Anthony Tadlock


✍ Debuted at CZF (Chicago Zine Fest), 2023


Credits: Bunworld art by Maggie Umber.
Dog print and Bunworld music: Lawn Water.


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