Startled Maggie

mom, dad, baby, Startled Maggie issue one by meghan hogan


Startled Maggie is an auto-bio serial focusing on a mischievous little spit-fire. Drawn in light pencil, this new series is pointed at the ephemeral qualities of memory and what makes early life such a funny and charming place. $5 | 32 pages | 5 × 7 inches | pamphlet | cover colored by Raighne, b&w interior | printed by La Mano 21



This has the potential to be a downright fascinating series when all is said and done. - Optical Sloth

The way [Umber] draws her parents as having blank eyes behind their eyeglasses is almost as perfect as the way she draws herself: a crazy-haired curmudgeon with either a glint of mischief or a permanent scowl on her face. - Rob Clough

[I]t’s hard not to fall prey to the charm of this book. — Justin Giampaoli, Poopsheet Foundation

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