There is Water

a storm cloud with rain and lightning


Oct 2, 2018

I made There is Water right before I left for CXC. My editor, Chantal McStay, told me that BOMB magazine's special theme is water and that they wanted 4 black and white pages. The water theme fit right into where I'm at with dehydration and trying to get hydrated. I wrote a poem for the comic first. Here it is:

Blood displaces slumber
If the desert dominates
Somewhere else
There is water

Then I did some sketches on the magic cloth with water:

My order of Yupo paper arrived so I won't run out! It seemed easier to stick with the watercolor pencils, water-soluble crayons, water brush and Yupo paper for this comic - also perfect for the water theme. After I finished two two page spreads on Yupo I did the lettering in water-soluble crayon on a separate page.

Raighne handles all of my production design. So I dropboxed him the files. Unfortunately there wasn't time for him to finish before I left for CXC since he's working 4 jobs and counting inventory for taxes. It will get done for the magazine deadline though!


Dec 29, 2018

I'm so thankful for everyone for their patience with me through my illness! I wasn't able to do much work during December as I spent most of the month in recovery after my two week hospital stay. My comic There is Water is in Number 146 / Winter Issue 2018-2019 of BOMB magazine!


There is Water appeared in Number 146 / Winter Issue 2018-2019, edited by Chantal McStay and published by BOMB magazine, in 2018.