The Witch

a man in a doorway, mostly hidden in shadow


Jan 26, 2019

I finished my steroids and am having to be more careful about what I eat. Thankfully, I'm sleeping heavily again like my old self. When I returned to Chicago I felt panic thinking about all of my deadlines! Trying to speed it up has given me migraines. This realization coincided with me getting an idea for a different comic for Chrysanthemum Under the Waves. It's called The Witch. I'm very excited about this one. I feel like I did when I was storyboarding Those Fucking Eyes and Intoxicated.

Feb 2, 2019

The Witch will be 72 pages and painted in gouache. I was only going to use gouache for the Goya copies but I've enjoyed it so much and gotten so much positive feedback that I want to do a whole comic!!! I had to travel to MN and then visit the ER... Luckily I got the idea for The Witch! I was so inspired I thumbnailed all 72 pages in under a week.

I've never done thumbnailing before. When I realized how long the comic was going to be I panicked. I realized I didn't have enough time to do full page storyboarding. I remembered Zack Soto thumbnailing his comics. Working on a small scale is fantastic beyond saving time. It simplifies everything and makes you focus on the story.

There are a few thumbnailed pages that are more abstract and harder to make out the action. I thought about doing them over. However, I like the idea that parts of the comic are hidden, so when you see the finished comic there will be surprises. Also, the thumbnails are not finished works of art. They are meant to be like short-hand notes for myself. I did ask Raighne what he thought and he advised not to do them over. "They read like music," he said.

Some pages were penciled ahead of time, some were not. All pages were painted in gouache on cold press watercolor paper.

Fog by Lawn Water