The Devil is a Hell of a Dancer

drips of dark paint in the shape of a boat


Oct 18, 2017

I did take a break in the middle of the Goya gouaches in early August to make The Devil is a Hell of a Dancer comic. This comic was made with payne's grey Golden Open Acrylic which has a slower drying time. I used it on a Gelli plate and then printed the image onto Speedball Arnhem 1618 Printmaking Paper as a monotype. I made most of this comic in one day. After I printed about 20 different monotypes, I rejected over half of the prints and began to assemble them into a story.

Handprinted Handcarved Lino Alphabet

Sep 14, 2019

Before I went into the hospital, I started work on The Devil is a Hell of a Dancer. I've decided to move this story to the front and add the words from the ballad. I may or may not add additional images. You can see I'm using the lino alphabet I carved for WE ARE HUNGRY! with gouache and water. This is far as I got before I became too anemic. After that I spent a week in bed sleeping all day long :( I need to get back to printing this!!!! I'm excited with how it looks so far.

This week has been full of ups and downs. I lost 30lbs of water weight, I lost more blood at night, and I kept throwing up my meds in the morning. I spent every night and morning the past month in an exhausted, nauseous stupor, wondering why I'm alive, pooping over and over and over...


Nov 2, 2019

I was working from the ballad as a guide. However, I realized that I needed a storyboard to help me lay out the text with the older images. I also needed to figure out how many additional monotypes I needed. After drawing the storyboards, I know that the final version of The Devil is a Hell of a Dancer will be 30 pages plus the title page. I need to print 7 new monotypes and 15 pages of text (3 of which I've already printed).

I did thumbnail storyboards for The Devil is a Hell of a Dancer. I prefer this method of storyboarding. I enjoy doing the tiny drawings! It's very helpful for focusing on the important actions.

The monotypes were made with payne's grey Golden Open Acrylic on a Gelli plate and then printed onto Speedball Arnhem 1618 Printmaking Paper. The text was printed with hand-carved linoleum alphabet stamps and gouache on Yupo polypropylene watercolor paper.

The Daemon Lover is a popular Scottish ballad. The earliest printed version exists in a broadside from 1685. The version in this comic is 243F from the book English and Scottish popular ballads collected by Francis James Child. Variations of this ballad are still being performed, such as Bob Dylan's The Man in the Long Black Coat.