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Jul 17, 2018

Too much time has passed since I was deeply invested in making work for Chrysanthemum Under the Waves. Yesterday I spent the day getting started on Intoxicated. Intoxicated will be made up of trace monotypes. My goal was to do some prep drawing and then do some experimental printing. Here are the prep drawings:

Then I got ready for printingmaking. I cut a frame out of bristol board to be the same size as the template for Chrysanthemum Under the Waves pages. I taped down the frame and then taped two sheets on top of it. The top was newsprint to draw on and the bottom was tracing paper to print on. Then I rolled out a slab of ink. Next I drew with a marker on the top sheet of newsprint. The pressure from the drawing tool caused the ink on the glass plate to transfer to the paper. This is why it's called a trace monotype. You can keep working it using different tools to get a variety of textures and tones. Pencil is best for dark sharp lines. Pen is softer. I also used my Kemper pottery tool to rub larger areas of black ink into the paper.

This is just a test! I'm really out of practice with my drawing skills LOL but it's fun to see the results:


Mar 28, 2020

When I arrived at Quimby's, I saw that the store's manager, Liz, had put all the books she ordered for the evening near the register. Aww!

I had been working so hard on the website, I forgot about the rest of the world for a week. I had no idea that Covid-19 had become a huge concern in the US. When I was packing up for the event, Kevin H., Iona's boyfriend, asked me if I was prepared. "Well, I have all the technology I need."

"Technology?" he asked.

"Wait, what are we talking about?" I asked. He and Iona told me that major league sports were shut down, and I realized a lot had changed in a week.

There weren't many people at the bookstore. Amy, Liz, Caroline and I set up and nervously made "epic-demic" jokes. At first, the only person in the audience was Alicia! Then, a little after 7pm, people started arriving. I was happy to see Max, Shea, Nayef, Brenna, Gabe, David, Raighne and Stephen and people I didn't know :D Raighne and Stephen filmed the event. The rest of the photos are ones that Liz took!

I get very nervous performing. I once fainted while giving a speech on leeches! However, I was able to relax and joke around with the audience. Seeing friends and having an entire website of stuff to share about my upcoming graphic novel and Now #8 was helpful.

After her performance, Amy asked if anyone had any questions for Maggie. "No," I said, and everyone laughed. I was done being the center of attention.


Intoxicated appears in Now: The New Comics Anthology #8, edited by Eric Reynolds, published by Fantagraphics.

An earlier version of this website and a P5.js WEBGL program of Intoxicated debuted at a Fantagraphics' reading/signing event at Quimby's with Amy Lockhart on March 12, 2020.

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