Chrysanthemum Under the Waves is a book of mourning from Sound of Snow Falling author, Maggie Umber.

In the nine comics collected here, Umber grieves for the loss of her former self – a wife, a co-founder of a successful publishing company, and a person with good health living in a pre-pandemic world. Over the course of nearly 300 pages, she says goodbye to all she held most dear. In Chrysanthemum Under the Waves, Umber uses the demon lover theme, first as a way to hold on to her past, and finally, as a way to let it go.


The Tooth by Maggie Umber.
Music credits: Fantastic Dim Bar by Kevin MacLeod,
Quinn's Song: A New Man by Kevin MacLeod.




The Witch by Maggie Umber.
Music credit: Fog by Lawn Water.

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