northern saw-whet owl in a pine tree, maggie umber 270°


Informative, colorful mixed-media work that bridges nature science and fine art — quintessential comics with an ornithological bend. An artist's field guide on owls and owl behavior. Maggie Umber once again takes readers into nature, showing the beauty and sophistication of animals in their natural habitats. 270º is an educational glimpse of owls found in North America and beyond. $14.95 | 136 pages | 6 × 6 inches | full color offset | smythsewn




Umber captures the spirit of nature — its glory and grace — in her beautifully crafted, mixed media comics. — Alyssa Berg, ALPENGLOW

Maggie Umber’s 270° is beautiful to experience and the narrative engrossing. I was pulled in to the reality of the Owls. A fascinating read, gorgeously depicted. — Mike Dawson, WHY DID THEY COME?

When 270º, Maggie Umber’s second beautifully illustrated book on owls reached me I could not put it down until I had absorbed all its delightful owl and other artwork from cover to cover. This book will turn heads and make the viewers turn pages. The playful layout and creative and diverse artwork seduces the reader into absorbing the subtle but factual information woven throughout these pages. The words sometimes blend into the images, like grass, twigs and branches of the owls’ habitats. Maggie has created a book of owls that reminds even the most objective owl scientists like me that there are other aesthetically pleasing ways to know owls. — Dr. James Duncan, Balmoral, Manitoba, Canada